Welcome 2017

We would like to take the opportunity of wishing everyone a great 2017. May it be prosperous for all.

We have jumped off the mark again with a number of new projects.  If anyone would like to follow the concourse restoration of an E-type for us. Please follow the following blog written by well-known motorsport enthusiast – Glen Smale,

Jaguar E-type Restoration – Part 2

New projects starting immediately are:

Restoration of a BMW Isetta

One of our UK based clients found this BMW Isetta in a shed in East London.  In 1955 the Isetta became the first mass-produced car to achieve a fuel consumption of 3L/100km. It became the top selling single cylinder car in the world.


We also started on an MGA proudly named “DUKE”.


Bruce is finishing up on the assembly of a Triumph Trophy Motorcycle.

15940730_761260787357621_6603770359241856485_n (1)

We have completed the Alfa Spider and just await a new bumper. The car was previously white when it first came to us.


These are just a few projects we are busy with, please pop in from time to time to view all the latest projects.


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